Conch piercing, which is pronounced as “konk”, is called like this since it looks like a conch shell.  Conch piercings are cute looking and is usually done on the middle of your cartilage. they go well with any number of earrings.

You can have your Conch piercing either on inner part of your cartilage which will be suitable for wearing hoops which are incredibly popular, or on the outer part which is suitable for wearing studs. Once your piercing is healed you have a pretty good collection of stud and hoop earrings to decorate your conch.

Does It Hurt?

Conch piercing hurt more than lobe piercing since conch area is thicker. But pain tolerance level differs for every person.  If you already have any cartilage piercing then you can expect the same pain to get that bling. It will take some three months to one year for the piercing to heal, with attentive aftercare.

For piercing you have two options, dermal punching and needle punching. Dermal punch will give you a larger gauge but the healing process is not easier. Take your time to consider this piercing since these holes are permanent and don’t close by itself. More than that, you will need a surgery if you have a dermal punching.


Like any other piercing, avoid touching your conch until it is cured since it is easy for bacteria to enter and cause infection. Cartilage areas are complicated and need intense care.

Clean the area with salt and water solution once or twice a day. Avoid using alcohol or any hard soap for cleaning. Try to keep the piercing clean and dry for happy healing.

Avoid using headphones until the piercing heals. Try not to disturb the pierced area with any other foreign objects. Do not move the jewel until your piercing is healed. Use clean pillows and sheets while sleeping and avoid sleeping on the jewelry.

There may be normal swelling, redness or you may even expect some fluid coming from there when the piercing is fresh. If you feel pain growing worse or any other severe conditions, then immediately conduct your piercer.


Having a conch piercing will cost you around $40 to $100 depending on the piercer. But rather than cost, you need an experienced piercer to avoid any scarring. You can choose Almost Famous Piercing studio for any kind of piercing and they do have a wide variety of jewelries for all type of piercing and aftercare products for perfect healing.

Before you choose conch piercing clear all your questions and concerns.